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Physio Rehab Care – Your Physio Expert provides extensive home-based physiotherapy services. Time and distance restraints and home life schedule can make it difficult for you to access our home-based physiotherapy services. We bring to you our online consultation services which you can seek from any location and with a more flexible arrangement on time.
How does the Online Physiotherapy Consultation work?
Free Consultation:
Our physiotherapist will call you from your preferred video call interface (WhatsApp, Zoom, Skype or Google duo). Details of your pain, injuries or surgery will be assessed by our physiotherapist.
Evaluation & Exercise Protocol:
Our physiotherapist may ask you to perform some movements to understand the origin of your pain and will identify if there are any functional restrictions available. From the Assessment, a provisional diagnosis will be made, explained to you and an exercise protocol will be customized for you.
Ergonomics & Exercise Progression:
This includes a follow-up session wherein your physiotherapist will add or modify your exercises as per your progression. Postural guidance and adjustments to your surroundings with respect to your pain will be discussed. Any secondary issues will also be addressed and your overall progress will be evaluated.
Takeaway Protocol:
This is the last session with your Physiotherapist. You will be guided on how to carry out the exercises by yourself. A planned summary will be emailed to you. The do’s and don’ts’ will be briefed as well.
Each session will be of 30 – 40 minutes approximately
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