• June 2, 2020
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Enjoy Restful Sleep Once Again


Imagine after a day of turmoil and stress, you have a distorted sleep which makes you crankier the next day. Relatable? What are the factors that break the normal sleep cycle? In spite of getting tired, sometimes it is difficult to have a sound and peaceful sleep because we don’t follow what it is now called as “sleep hygiene”. Sleep hygiene is a broad term that involves mainly your sleeping postures, supports and habits. It is essential that your body is supported and maintained in a good posture even while you’re sleeping so that the next morning you don’t wake up with a sore and or stiff neck and back.

Sleep is associated with brain functions like concentration, productivity and cognition. Our sleep patterns have a direct effect on our behaviour and performance. Vitals like blood pressure, blood sugar levels and heart health are at low risk if an optimum sleep habit is practiced. Sleep also allows the body to regenerate and recover well and has a positive influence on the immunity as well. Most importantly, it preserves our mental health to its healthy state.

While it has so many benefits to offer, let’s have a quick go-through the essentials of a good sleep.

Sleeping Aids : The mattress and The pillow

To have a good night slumber, a mattress of ergonomic standards and firmness is the key. It provides an even surface and prevents aches and pains. Too soft or too firm of a mattress can cause discomfort, thus leading to painful mornings. Pillows should be used adequately to maintain your spinal alignment. If you lay on your back, it should be able to accommodate your neck such that the natural neck curvature is maintained; if you lay on your side, it should not bend your neck too much on one side; if you lay on your back, excessive chin down should be avoided and head tilted on one side to promote uninterrupted breathing.