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Welcome To Physio Rehab Home Care Services

Our Vision

Physio Rehab Care is one of our first Physiotherapy Department established recently in Hyderabad, providing systematic, organized, and professional rehabilitation services. It is handled by a team of highly qualified Physiotherapists.
An interdisciplinary service is provided by experts in occupational therapy, neuro physiotherapy, language and speech therapy, rehabilitation medicine, children’s physiotherapy, neuropsychology, and orthotics to help ensure that every individual can reach their full potential. Physio Rehab Care provides one of the most independent sector specialist therapy team in Hyderabad. We stretch our services to accommodate you at your home and offices. Our specialized programs with discount offer sessions in your comfort places for you and your dear ones.
In Physio Rehab Care a physiatrist usually directs the team. Also, other specialists play significant roles in the process of treatment and education. The team members involved depending on many factors. These include patient needs, facility resources, and insurance coverage for services.
Like most of the other rehabilitation center, our Physio Rehab Care team hold weekly, biweekly, or monthly meetings, depending on the setting.

Topics covered at our team meetings include the following:

  • The patient’s plan of care
  • The patient’s progress
  • Short- and long-term goals
  • Length of stay
  • Patient and family education needs
  • Discharge planning
Team meetings help communication and planning between team members as well as the patient and family. Reports of team meetings are often shared with insurance companies and case managers. This is done to assist in discharge planning, use of resources, and continuation of care.

What We Offer

Optimal Treatment

While providing treatment we also get to the source of dysfunction to prevent re-injury.

Specific Rehabilitation Programmers

Experts who are familiar with your injury and can identify the needs that are critical to your recovery.

Integrated approach

Our therapists work closely with other members of the multidisciplinary team.

Meet Our Board Team

  • “There are medical doctors who know what skilled physical therapy is and send their patients to me. They know that we will actually work with their patients to get the better instead of trying to pacify their symptoms with low-value treatments. A quality MD understands the importance of Physiotherapy as a part of the non-surgical management for painful conditions.”

    Dr. Raghuvardhan Rao

    Chief Operating Officer (COO)
  • “You just have to believe me, I will never put you down. My healing hands and your dedication, Will give back your confidence Crown. Where there is a Will there is surely a Way”

    Dr. Sowmya Sree Dachapally

    Managing Director
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